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New solutions for a more sustainable future

About the Company

Founded in 2021, JBB Advanced Technologies focuses on the development of advanced technology solutions, including artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, and fosters and supports consumer adoption and application of Web3 and blockchain technology and development and production of renewable energy generation, delivery and integration.

The company’s available expertise allows us to invent solutions that are practical for diverse industries, utilize cutting-edge, superior technology, and deploy with energy efficiency.


Company Highlights

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  • 2021

    Project Blockchain Founded

    Project Blockchain is founded after nearly a year of exploration of digital currency mining, using solar and wind power as the sources of electricity.

    Q1 2021

    Financial Model Born

    Developed conceptual financial models whereby a company-sponsored LLC project consists of a mining “farm,” employing mining computers powered by renewable power.

    Q2 2021

    Expanded Infrastructure

    Expanded company infrastructure scheme to a broader technological focus on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

    Q3/Q4 2021

    New Technology Explored

    Began exploration regarding the acquisition, development, and production of new technology concepts.

  • 2022

    Q1 2022

    Name Change/Leadership Appointed

    Pivoted from Project Blockchain to JBB Advanced Technologies LLC, appointing top-flight company executive management and board of directors.

    Mission Established

    Established company mission, taking a strong focus on championing the use of renewable sources of power to support the growth and development of blockchain technologies.

    Q2/Q3 2022

    JBB Labs Development

    Diversified company with development of JBB Labs, an in-house research and development division and undertakes due diligence on multiple acquisitions.

    Q4 2022

    Advisory Board

    Assembled an Advisory Board that includes the Executive Director of the national Blockchain Association, a former U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman, a former Presidential special advisor, an environmental law attorney, representatives from other major law firms, and top executives in real estate, cybersecurity, and finance.

    Web3 Acquisition

    Acquired a Web3 company that will deploy technology to help make transactions utilizing blockchain user-friendly for ordinary people.

  • Our Values

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      Respect for our team. Respect for our customers and partners. Respect for the environment. Recognizing and honoring the worth, value and contributions of everyone – and everything – we interact with.

    • Innovation

      We believe that there is always a better way, and we devote ourselves to finding it.

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      In all things – large and small – always go the extra mile and deliver the best possible result.

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      Ensuring that we contribute to an improved quality of life worldwide through breakthroughs in using and growing clean, renewable energy sources.

    I think we have only scratched the surface in terms of contributions that renewable energy can make to driving business and economic growth and to improving our overall quality of life, and I look forward to helping harness that potential.

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    Founder, Chairman & CEO of JBB Advanced Technologies