JBB Labs

Our Expertise

JBB Labs, our in-house research and development division, is a critical engine to deliver on our vision by researching, developing, and rapidly bringing to market innovative, pragmatic, and profitable technology-based products that solve real-world problems and challenges. The key priorities of JBB Labs are:

• Developing technologies and products that will support and add value to our business lines.

• Creating new inventions, products, and technologies to advance the availability and delivery of clean energy, as well as addressing many real-world problems and challenges.

• Innovating proprietary AI models, structures, and processes for distributed energy systems products, to improve their performance/profitability in the marketplace.

In Development

The company has invested significantly in the initiatives of JBB Labs, yielding multiple patent-pending innovations in a short period of time. Some highlights include:

• a power device that exponentially expands the capabilities of a single solar panel, ideally suited to parallelize and/or distributed computation where electric power is non-existent, in short supply, or overly expensive; this device also can be sold to renewable power developers and grid infrastructure operators, as it has application for providing up-to-the-minute data on solar power production/availability, helping to seamlessly incorporate solar energy into the American electric grid.

• a utility-scale solution that manages a complex and dynamic set of web producers and consumers utilizing data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain in a transparent and secure accounting system appropriate for, among other uses, establishing and managing microgrids and trading systems.

• a methodology for organizing and funding blockchain mining/data center operations that can be scaled to create power markets during periods of peak energy demand.