Camille Mavelian

Chief Officer to the CEO

As Chief Officer to the CEO at JBB Advanced Technologies, Camille Mavelian serves at the direction of the company’s CEO for the preparation and the review of legal documents and corporate transactions involving acquisitions, mergers, partnerships and other business ventures.

Camille has served as a legal associate at Waters, Kraus & Paul, where she prepared legal documents, conducted legal research, and analyzed case materials along with the generation of depositions, motions, and briefs for civil and criminal cases.  Prior to this position, Camille worked as a legal associate for both the criminal and civil divisions of the U. S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas, organizing discovery, testimony, research, and preparation for depositions. In the Dallas City Attorney's Office, Camille assisted attorneys in both the general counsel division and the litigation division with legal research and writing for various litigation projects.

Over four years, Camille held several positions in the Dallas Office of Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas), including Senior Homeland Security Specialist and as a Department of State Specialist. Camille also served as a Hiring Officer and an Intern Director for Senator Cornyn’s Dallas office.  

Camille’s education began at Austin College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts, majored in Finance & Economics, International Government, and Spanish.  Camille’s graduate work includes the University of Pennsylvania (Arabic Fellowship) and Southern Methodist University, MBA. Camille went on to earn a Juris Doctorate at the University of North Texas at Dallas, College of Law, serving as Chief Executive Officer of the Law Review.