JBB Labs

Our Expertise

JBB Labs, our in-house research and development division, is a critical engine to deliver on our vision by researching, developing, and rapidly bringing to market innovative, pragmatic, and profitable technology-based products that solve real-world problems and challenges. The key priorities of JBB Labs are:

• Developing technologies and products that will support and add value to our business lines.

• Creating new inventions, products, and technologies to advance the availability and delivery of clean energy, as well as addressing many real-world problems and challenges.

• Innovating proprietary AI models, structures, and processes for distributed energy systems products, to improve their performance/profitability in the marketplace.

In Development

The company has invested significantly in the initiatives of JBB Labs, yielding multiple patent-pending innovations in a short period of time. Some highlights include:

• a power device that exponentially expands the capabilities of a single solar panel, ideally suited to parallelize and/or distributed computation where electric power is non-existent, in short supply, or overly expensive; this device also can be sold to renewable power developers and grid infrastructure operators, as it has application for providing up-to-the-minute data on solar power production/availability, helping to seamlessly incorporate solar energy into the American electric grid.

• a utility-scale solution that manages a complex and dynamic set of web producers and consumers utilizing data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain in a transparent and secure accounting system appropriate for, among other uses, establishing and managing microgrids and trading systems.

• a methodology for organizing and funding blockchain mining/data center operations that can be scaled to create power markets during periods of peak energy demand.


The purpose of JBB IP, LLC is to hold and to license intellectual property that has been created by other JBBAT-owned entities or licensed from third parties.

By concentrating all intellectual property into one entity, JBB IP can ensure there are no conflicts regarding the licensure of the property. Additionally, this enables JBB IP to coordinate research and development activities in a way that brings maximum value to the corporation as-a-whole, while eliminating costly R&D redundancies.


This JBB Advanced Technologies company will manufacture and sell our proprietary energy module. The module can measure the power production of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines. In addition, the module can measure power consumption, and so is a viable add-on to millions of energy-generating and energy-consuming devices nationwide.


JBB Advanced Technologies created G.O.A.T Ventures to design, fabricate , and sell a blockchain-based POS system that can be used by any retail business.

The system extracts new types of information about users and their transactions and, when combined with AI-enabled devices, provides a steady stream of revenue-generating data.