Our Roots

Wind Energy in West Texas

JBB Advanced Technologies Founder, Chairman, and CEO, John B. Billingsley, previously founded TriGlobal Energy in 2009 as a developer/generator of wind energy in West Texas. TGE eventually expanded into utility-scale wind, solar, and battery storage projects in seven states: Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wyoming, and Virginia.

TGE’s early success was built on a proprietary business model created by John Billingsley and called The Wind Force Plan. This innovation challenged industry norms, which favored the developer at the expense of the landowner; instead, all landowners and community members were invited to become active financial partners in a project’s development and success regardless of the placement of the actual energy generation equipment. The plan was so well-received that within three years, more than 650,000 acres of West Texas land were under lease.

A Force of Nature

TGE’s creation and use of this community-focused investment model accelerated the adoption of wind energy in Texas. From 2011-2022, TGE was the top-ranked wind developer in Texas and contributed directly to Texas’s early and sustained dominance in wind energy development. Texas produces more wind energy than any other state in the union, coming in at 26% of the country’s total output. The company grew to 40 different projects representing 8.7 GW of clean energy. The story of Tri Global Energy can be read in Mr. Billingsley’s book Texas Wind Force.

By Q2 2022, TGE was among the top five leaders of renewable energy development (source: American Clean Power Association), and, in Q3 2022, TGE sold to Enbridge (NYSE: ENB), Canada’s largest infrastructure and energy company, and the transaction provided a very significant return to TGE’s thousands of investors.

Renewable Energy Is a Cornerstone

Renewable energy is a cornerstone of the JBB Advanced Technologies business model. That’s because we know first-hand the power and potential of these age-old forces.  Watch our story, tracing humble beginnings on a West Texas farm that relied on wind energy to a business that is now writing the future of renewable energy using 21st century advanced digital tools.